The love for everything that is called Art…
The willingness to grow and to create Beauty whilst respecting
what our beautiful Hearth has given us…
the values transmitted by our family enabled us
to forge the Beauty Salon Vogue Parrucchieri

We are Silvia and Roberto, two siblings, only one thing.

Roberto grows up with the passion for style, the art of modelling hair and adapting it to each feature… using his words ”we need to create the right frame to the Beauty that exists in each person”.

Silvia, less creative and more systematic, is passionate about knowledge and communication. Together, with their common passion for work that binds them to each other, they grow up keeping over the years the same enthusiasm they had at the beginning, when they were younger.

The love for Art and Beauty is the basis of our success… we firmly believe that anything which is beautiful is also good! We invest in education, donating every year a part of the earnings to charity initiatives, for the restoration of works of art and reforestation. We believe in positive energy, in the real positive energy, true, honest, simple and direct… A smile is our welcome. We have a certainty: Beauty will save the World.

Our Team


Here we are, Silvia and Roby, Roberto is the main stylist and Silvia takes care of the administrative and financial part, visual merchandising, selling products and special treatments. We are different but extremely similar at the same time. First of all complementary. All our hair stylers (Roberto, Sonia, Alessandro and Rocco) are multitasking! Alessia, our beauty specialist, manages the Beauty Corner


Alessandro is our showman, he is from Turin, he was born the 30th May 1980. He’s cheerful, funny and he’s always ready to make a joke. When the customer wants something special, he gives vent to his creativity and creates artistic haircuts.


Sonia, our hairstylist, was born in Perugia the 29th November 1973. She is sweet and confidential, she loves listening without judging. Her job reflects her romantic and female attitude.


Rocco, our last arrived, is from Potenza and he was born the 6th September 1984. He dedicated his studies to Arts and, only after his graduation, he decided to approach to the hairstyling sector. He focuses his attention to colors, stylings and the art to create a haircut.


Alessia, our aesthetician, was born in Blackpool the 18th August 1977. She became a professional aesthetician with different certificates about techniches concernig nails, massages and micropaint. She loves her job and she applies herself with an innovative, dynamic and extrovert attitude.

Each of them has a different character, but all of them have something in common: their love for their job, their passion in creating and modelling expressions of art through their hands. Everyone lives for the emotions that human relations inspire. Our family welcomes everyone with a smile in every moment.